Fruity or Tobacco? The Right Flavor For You

Today, vape lovers have access to just about every flavor they can think of. Whether it is a fruit, cheesecake, traditional tobacco, or hard candies, everything is available due to the ingenuity of various brands manufacturing the best vape products. Researchers say that the adult group of vape enthusiasts wants sweet flavors instead of vape juices that mimic the genuine pungent aroma of tobacco. If you have experience in vaping, this claim should not come as a surprise to you. After all, whenever someone enters a vape store, whether online or offline, they expose themselves to a massive collection of flavored vape juices, including myle blueberry.

The love for something sweet

As already mentioned above, online and physical vape stores have incredibly large collections of flavored products for their customers. They keep only a handful of products featuring the genuine flavor of tobacco. Tobacco flavors and blends among vape products were popular only up to 2013. Back then, not many variants were available, either. Soon after that, however, new products started appearing in the market.

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The desire to be different

The ultimate reason to come up with something different was to put up with competitors. After 2013, manufacturing of vape pods, liquids, and other essentials started experimenting with fruity flavors. Vape enthusiasts fell in love with this creative innovation, which, in turn, gave birth to numerous brands. Sooner rather than later, fruity flavors won the hearts of every vape lover.

What researchers say

Researchers had put the subject under the knife and found that almost every adult vaper started with a product featuring the flavor of tobacco soon after quitting cigarettes. However, as time passed by, they started experimenting with fruity flavors. The most favored categories include the ones featuring the aroma of one or more fruits, candies, and beverages. Only fourteen percent of adult vapers stick strictly to tobacco.

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The reason

So, why do so many adult vape enthusiasts choose sweet flavors? Older individuals usually have to restrict the number of calories consumed every day for the sake of good health. They even shift to vaping for the same reason. However, vaping allows them to satisfy their sweet tooth without consuming any calories. They can enjoy the sweetness without feeling guilty.

The menthol connection

A massive population of vape enthusiasts prefers liquids featuring the menthol flavor. The love for menthol cigarettes dictates the choice of these people. For others, the coolness of menthol is a source of refreshment.

The first choice

Of course, there are also a few people who never smoked cigarettes. Instead, they started with vaping. These people tend to stick to sweet flavors as soon as they enter this world. These folks don’t need something to satisfy their addiction. They simply want to enjoy all the sweet flavors available these days, unlike myle cubano 4 pods.

Fruity or Tobacco The Right Flavor For You - crossdomainxml

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